The Fundraising Regulator and Local Government Association (LGA) have issued advice for the public on how to determine whether doorstep charity clothing collections are genuine.

The advice, published on the Fundraising Regulator’s site, includes checking that the charity’s name and registration number is on the collection bag and looking it up on the register of charities, ensuring that a named charity is on the bag rather than just a cause, and that the bag also says how much the charity will make from the collection. Other warning signs include mistakes with spelling or grammar, unmarked collection vans, and collectors having no photo ID.

If people are concerned that a bag collection is not genuine, the guidance lists a number of steps they can take, including checking with the charity, contacting their local authority’s licensing team at to check whether the collector has a licence to operate in the area, and contacting Action Fraud.

source ukfundraisingsept'18