The Wandle Valley Regional Park Trust are part way through their Heritage Lottery Resilient Heritage project – Bringing the Park To Life – From Vision to Reality, #futureofwandlevalley where we are working with consultancy team, Barker Langham, LDA Design and Architecture 00, to shape the future of the Trust, improve its business and funding model and creating a partnership that will enhance social investment and financial security.

As part of this process they are holding a series of events in the Wandle Valley through September and October where they will engage widely with partners, stakeholders and community groups, specifically on the development of a Delivery Plan for the Wandle Valley Regional Park.

The events in September are part of the #WandleFortnight community celebration and will have Wandle Wheelers bike events and bike mechanics on hand for rides on the Wandle Trail.

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We will also be holding a cycle and walking workshop and a Wandle Valley Partnership workshop in October. All these events will be focused on the development of the Wandle Valley Delivery Plan, an important document for the Trust and partners to develop the Wandle Valley Regional Park.

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They would like to hear your ideas for the Wandle Valley, big or small and encourage you to come and talk to them in the park events or sign up for one of the other events