Off The Record, a Croydon based youth counselling service continues to partner with the BME Forum to raise awareness of the importance of wellbeing, through their joint outreach work. In light of this they will be hosting a special event on the evening of Thursday 20, September 2018 at the CVA Resource Centre that will explore some of the issues that arose from the Grenfell Fire in North London, from a perspective of hope, strength and community.

Both organisations have made it clear that the event is not concerned with the appropriation of blame. The goal through the panel to stimulate a discussion that will delve into the immediate and amazing response of the community, explore the possible psychological impact of this dreadful occurrence, question its relevance to the lives of each of us while highlighting some of the positive stories that have derived from this very painful and unfortunate incident.

The event is entitled Grenfell: A Community Response, and it will feature a group of dynamic panellists who will each share from their experience and expertise with respect to some of the issues that changed the lives of people from both near and far as a result of this unfortunate incident.

The panel includes a young activist, a radio and tv host, college lecturer, counsellor and clinical supervisor and a film maker. For a full list of the participants, further details about the event or to register for your free ticket, please follow this link.