This scheme is currently at open early engagement stage. Organisations can bid for funding via one of two lots, either £5,000 – £24,999, or £25,000 – £500,000.

Under the EU Scheme EU citizens living in the UK and their family members will need to apply to obtain their new UK immigration status as the UK exits the EU.

Those applying under the EUSS will need to complete a digital application form. The new digital application system for the EUSS will be accessible through phones, tablets, laptops and computers. It will launch fully at the end of March 2019 and remain open until the end of June 2021.

To support vulnerable or at-risk EU citizens with their EUSS application, the Home Office is putting in place a series of arrangements, which includes this grant funding, to be awarded in FY19/20 to multiple bidders of voluntary and community sector organisations.

The awarded VCS organisations will be funded and supported by the Home Office to deliver practical assistance to vulnerable or at-risk EU citizens and their family members who must all complete an EUSS application.

source ukfundraising 28.11.18