Localgiving’s annual Grow Your Tenner campaign gets underway on 11th December at 10am, for a month, offering to match monthly donations of up to £10 made to local charities and community groups for six months.  The matched fund pot is again £100,000. The campaign will run until the matched funding is committed, or 10th January 2019, whichever is reached first.

Localgiving encourages all local groups to sign up and take part in Grow Your Tenner 2018. Already over 2,600 groups use the platform for fundraising, ranging from disability groups to arts projects, foodbanks to football clubs. Each Localgiving charity member can access a maximum of £5,000 in match funding

Last year Grow Your Tenner raised over £670,000 for nearly 1,000 local charities and community groups, helping them to provide better support for their communities