Addington Community Action Group

Background and 1st Meeting 18 October 2021 

Local entrepreneur and music artist, Luke also known as Still Shadey, has started a weekly meeting to hear about key issues particularly around serious youth violence and anti-social behaviour.  These meetings will take place each Monday from 1.00pm - 3.00pm at the New Addington Pathfinders Octagon in Central Parade.  The first meeting took place on Monday 18 October 2021 with the aim of making New Addington an even better place to live by coming up with grassroot solutions to some of the issues that residents living there bring up. 
2nd Meeting 25 October 2021 

The New Addington Community Action Group met for the second time on the 25th October at the pathfinders building in central parade between 1-3pm. Following the partnership meeting approach at CVA on Fridays the group brings together residents, voluntary and faith groups from the New Addington area with the police and other statutory service providers. 

At this meeting the issues that came up were: 

  • Antisocial behaviours and the MET's policing around the parade/Section 35s (including Halloween and 5th November) 

  • Youth Engagement/Support from Local businesses/Churches  

  • The Increased police presence in and around New Addington  

  • Press and Comms around New Addington/ NA Pathfinder updates 

  • The New Addington BID 

  • Making sure that New Addington has a youth hub and youth activities 

The meetings are hosted by long time New Addington resident and social entrepreneur Still Shadey (Luke) and are funded by the Ment4 charity that has provided mentoring services to a number of young people in New Addington over the last ten years. As the group develops it is hoped that it will attract more funding and inward investment into New Addington. 

Still Shadey said  " I am surprised at how many individuals and groups are turning up to these weekly meetings. In a few weeks we are going to have to move to a bigger venue. The energy and passion in the room is amazing. It is clear that residents have the answers to many of the issues that the New Addington community face and it is good that the police and other statutory providers are listening to us. We will continue to meet weekly on a Monday and make New Addington an even better place to live." 

3rd Meeting 1 November 2021 

Youth Club/Goldcrest 

We were blessed by the attendance of Chris Hennis, who brought us into the world of Play Place and journey with the Goldcrest building, a follow up meeting will be taking place to explore further action in how New Addington organisations can remain a centre-piece in the activity taken place in the building (once its acquired) - the fight is not done yet!  

Alternatively, we are exploring other buildings/sites which could be used for larger youth engagement services. WE NEED OUR OWN LEGACY BUILDING IN NEW ADDINGTON. 

If you would like to be a part of this initiative, please get in touch. 

The Bid 

Additionally, we heard from Ken Burgess, where we began to examine the current state of the New Addington BID for the central parade, and accountability placed on shopkeepers in what they shouldn’t be selling to young people, especially during this eventful season. This is all to combat the ASB. Ken agreed to advise (or “suggest” the repercussions of certain items being sold in shops). Ken, could we lean to the Iceland model, of shops place signs of ‘limited purchases’ outside their stores, as a deterrent. If this could be circulated within WhatsApp groups it would be great ! 


We all heard from residents that they experienced some troubling challenges with occupants of the landing site, who plan to do some expansion work. Police have confirmed to investigate this matter further, and advised how to combat the intimidation many residents have felt during the matter. 

Ultimately, my heart is deeply for the youth, and the way we can come together to support, engage and provide community wrap-around services to empower them. We will continue exploring this.  

Big events for New Addington on the way, please follow pathfinders for all updates ! 


  1. CCTV set up in Central Parade 

  1. Local Businesses, council, and organisations are keen in being a part of this meeting, we are growing very quickly. 

  1. Greater police presence in and around New Addington - we hope this will continue to reflect on upcoming events, including Fireworks weekend