ACCA needs Support

Since the crisis they have become the first contact point for the government, media and the newly-arrived Afghan people. They are now extremely busy with unprecedented levels of demand. For the last 20 days, 600 people have been coming to our office everyday queuing from 5am. They have become like Kabul Airport. They have also distributed and delivered 2 40ft containers of donations to newly-arrived refugees in hotels across the UK and are still open for donations. 
These people have faced immense trauma and horrific experiences, and require as much support as possible to feel welcome in British society. The main priorities are supporting their resettlement/integration into UK life, ESOL classes, social and cultural events, mental health and counselling support, employment advice, legal advice, educational and sports activities for young people, mentoring support and a women’s group.
So far BBC Children has donated £20,000, City Bridge £39,000, Tudor Trusts £30,000  towards our emergency work, and other funds have invited us to submit applications.  
Here is their Crowdfunder Link:
You can see just some of the media coverage listed below: 
The demand for services has increased so much and they can’t cope with the high demand without building the capacity through recruiting and employing more staff.
There are hundreds of people still coming to the centre everyday asking for advice on housing and immigration and other councils across the UK asking for help to establish ACCA's services in their cities. They are severely over-stretched. They are a small charity and cannot cope with the level of demand since the crisis started in Afghanistan without the support of the governments.
Download their Emergency Case for Support