Ascent Moving Forward Groups for Women and Girls

Moving Forward groups are for women and girls aged 16 plus who have experienced or are at risk of domestic and / or sexual violence both current and historical, it is commissioned as part of the ASCENT partnership.  Croydon is one of the eligible boroughs. 

Before you sending a  referral in to the clinical team for review, please confirm whether or not this client is able to access sessions remotely online.  Participants will need to have the following:

  • Access to a smart phone, laptop, computer or tablet
  • Adequate wifi / ethernet connection
  • Microphone, speaker on their device or headphones

With the new arrangements, clients are responsible for their own environment and are required to have a sufficient level of privacy and quiet with no other persons from the household present for the duration of the group.  This is necessary for them to ensure their own safety and confidentiality and also that of other women participating in the group.  This means that In cases where clients have children or other family members in the household, they will not be able to be present in the same room.  Participants will need to download a free app to access the groups and will be supported to do this. 

In this adapted version of the Moving Forward programme, weekly sessions will be 1.5 hours delivered over 8 weeks throughout the next few months cross-borough.

Invitation to attend the course is through referral only, please download and complete the referral form (below) with the client and email to:  

Referral Form

Note that the referral form must be completed fully with any clear information particularly relating to safeguarding issues.  Any incomplete forms will be returned to the referrers for more information.  Once applications have been reviewed they contact the women/girls to let them know whether they have a place on the group (this will be subject to suitability).  Women are also able to self-refer by calling the admin and bookings team on: 020 7610 4678, between 10.00am-5.00pm, the team will be able to take the referrals over the phone. 

Moving Forward is a psycho-educational group and therefore it may not be suitable for clients who have severe mental health conditions, where there are high levels of trauma, destabilization and/or dissociation and where there is a risk of a client attempting suicide.  Whilst it is not a necessarily pre-requisite, consider whether the woman you are referring would benefit from one to one counselling prior to attending a group. 

 The group programme offers:

  • Some first steps on the road to recovery from domestic and or sexual abuse  
  • A space to talk, listen and be heard in an emotionally supportive and safe environment  
  • An opportunity for women to share experiences and information with other women
  • An opportunity to explore and understand the impact of domestic and sexual violence  
  • Support to develop greater self-awareness, build confidence and make positive choices
  • Practical exercises to help create healthy boundaries and relationships and improve self-care.

Download more information here

They have had great feedback from women who have attended - see below for some quotes..... 

‘This has been life changing for me.  I still have a way to go but there’s been a ‘light bulb’ moment almost every week and I’m finally beginning to truly understand how my abuse has impacted me in real terms, and that alone is an important step in my escape from it.  The facilitator has shown such wonderful insight, compassion and understanding’.


‘The facilitator has been outstanding in her dynamic lessons.  Her empathy, care and insight has been invaluable.  She is a true asset to the organisation.  The content of the programme was profound in speaking to the underlying issues that I have struggled with.  I only wish that more women could benefit from it.  It has changed my life’. 


‘Overall I am really satisfied with the workshop! Each session was tailored to everyone’s individual journeys and the support has been fantastic!  The facilitator is full of energy, positivity and understanding!  I would recommend this group to anyone who is in  the same shoes as me!  It has changed my outlook on life and I will definitely be moving forward!’