Charity Governance Code Revised

Sayer Vincent have put together some headlines - below - from the outcome of the consultation process that finished in February 2020.

• The consultation received over 800 responses, about 500 came from a survey carried out by the Small Charities Coalition

• Majority of feedback on the Integrity and Diversity principles

• Diversity principle will be renamed – most likely to “Equality, Diversity and Inclusion”, and get a rewrite recognising this as an area where thinking has moved on substantially since the first draft of the code

• Integrity principle will be updated and incorporate the four NCVO ethical principles

• The other principles are expected to be largely unchanged

• The intention is to review it every three years – so the next update will be 2023 when it will be due for a more substantial overha

If you are interested in the detailed consultation response, you can read more here.

source vincentsayer 23.09.20