Communities Together at Christmas

As we go into lockdown again and towards the festive season, Croydon’s voluntary and community sector (VCS) will once again be pulling out the stops to support families all over the borough. CVA will try to capture all the lockdown and Christmas activity going on, updating information in the Coronavirus Support Service section of our website.

CVA will again be working closely with Croydon’s mutual-aid groups, foodbanks, faith groups, social prescribers and volunteers to prevent people from going hungry and/or becoming isolated. In doing so we aim to keep our sights firmly set on the longer-term challenges facing Croydon. Locally the Council is under financial pressure and having to cut back on its provision. Nationally an economic recession is underway and a mental health crisis is unfolding. VCS organisations are always looking to make a difference – not just by providing emergency relief, but by taking on the underlying issues like health inequalities and rising unemployment.

So to tell us about your activities over lockdown and the Christmas period please use this link or email us at

Here you will find more information on our Communities Together at Christmas 2020 initiative.