Covid Advice for Extremely Vulnerable People

The rules for extremely vulnerable people (shielded) will be relaxing (as long as there is not a significant rise in cases)

From 6th July extremely vulnerable people: 

  • Can meet in a group of up to 6 people outdoors, including people from different households, while maintaining strict social distancing
  • Will no longer need to observe social distancing with other members of the household
  • May also form a ‘support bubble’ with one other household. All those in a support bubble will be able to spend time together inside each other’s homes, including overnight, without needing to socially distance

From 1st August people who are extremely vulnerable and who have been shielding will be able to:

  • Go to work, if they cannot work from home, as long as the business is COVID-safe
  • Go outside to buy food, to places of worship and for exercise but you should maintain strict social distancing

The government is advising extremely vulnerable people to adopt strict social distancing rather than full shielding measures. Strict social distancing means going out to more places and seeing more people but taking particular care to minimise contact with others outside the household or support bubble. 

Please note that centrally provided food boxes and medicine will continue until the end of July if required.

The 2 metre rule

  • Although there has been a slight relaxation of the 2 m wording to allow more business to open, the guidance is still stating stay 2metres apart as far as possible and only 1 metre plus if risk reduction measures are in place and 2 metres cannot be achieved. 
  • If anyone has any questions and would like a document to be reviewed or a poster to be updated please do let us know.

Groups and gatherings 

  • You can meet in a group of 2 households (anyone in your support bubble counts as one household), in any location ‒ public or private, indoors or outdoors. This does not need to be the same household each time  
  • You can socialise outdoors in a group of up to 6 people from different households. You can only meet in groups of more than six people if everyone is a member of the same household or support bubble.  
  • It is against the law for gatherings of more than 30 people to take place in private homes (including gardens and other outdoor spaces), or in a public oudoors space, unless planned by an organisation in compliance with COVID-19 Secure guidance  


More information available here