Covid-19 Recovery Classes

Sessions are each Wednesday at 11am - dates below:

  • Wednesday 24th February 2021
  • Wednesday 03rd March 2021
  • Wednesday 10th March 2021
  • Wednesday 17th March 2021
  • Wednesday 24th March 2021

This will be an online class via Zoom / Google Hangouts and aims to help those that have lost general fitness and strength since contracting COVID - 19.  They particularly welcome those that are recovering from a damaged respiratory system, those that are struggling with mobility outside the house and struggling with poor mental health due to being locked up in isolation.

These sessions will be chair based exercise for the first two weeks to help build confidence with service users before graduating on to slightly more strenuous activity.

These sessions will be run by Qualified Exercise and Disability Specialists and will require an online physical assessment before starting the session on Wednesday.

If interested get in touch with Emmanuel Francis, Programme Director, My Fitability.
Email: or WHATSAPP 07767 220 872.

This programme is currently not funded but this is currently being explored however in the meantime participants will be asked to charitably donate to the programme.

They are also exploring avenues to source Tablets / Ipads in order to continue to deliver our Inspire The Retired programme in residential care homes and assisted living residences.


My Fitability is also offering:  THIS GIRL CAN - WITH HER MAN!  This will be launching Monday 22 February.

Due to the positive feedback from the 2020 This Girl Can Project, they have decided to ask all the participants of the 12 week project to join us for another 12 weeks and this time to invite their other halves to join them in getting fit and healthy!

Exercising with your partner may not be the first thing that springs to mind when you think about strengthening your bond. However, exercising together can have some amazing benefits for both your relationship and your fitness levels. There are many potential benefits, but here is a top 4:


You may have heard that an easy way to make somebody like you more is to mirror their body language (Gueguen, 2009). Well this works with your partner too. As you are following along with the coach, you are both doing the same movements. This mimicry (nonverbal matching), and shared participation, can help to increase your emotional bond.

Another way physical activity can increase your bond is through the release of hormones. When we exercise, we produce feel good chemicals like dopamine and endorphins which can make us feel happier. If you are feeling happy while you are exercising with your partner, you may begin to associate these positive feelings with your partner and feel more positive about them as a result (, 2020).

In fact, studies have found that couples who take part in activities that they find exciting together, feel more satisfied with their relationship overall (Aron et al., 2000).


Exercise induces the symptoms of physiological arousal: sweating, breathlessness, and a racing heart. These symptoms mirror our response to romantic attraction. While you may not be feeling your most attractive, your partner may be feeling more attracted to you than ever! This is known as misattributed arousal, because the body misinterprets these symptoms caused by exercise as sexual arousal. But take advantage of this and get your partner to join in on your home workouts!


There are two main reasons why working out with your partner has been found to boost your fitness results: healthy competition and accountability.

Numerous studies have shown that when working out with someone we perceive to be better than ourselves, we push ourselves harder and this healthy competition leads us improving our performance (Irwin et al., 2014). There is also an element of wanting to impress your partner. This means you could both feel motivated to work a bit harder than you ordinarily would.

If you have an on/off relationship with exercise, having a training partner to hold you accountable could make all the difference! You can motivate each other, and you should find that you are skipping far fewer work out sessions because you are supporting each other’s fitness journeys, rather than just your own.


It can be difficult to find time together with work, children, and other responsibilities. So, having an hour or so of quality time together scheduled in is really important. While you are exercising may not be the ideal time to chat, but it gives you something to talk about over dinner. It is also great to have a shared activity that you can both look forward to. We should all be aiming to exercise for at least 150 minutes of moderate activity, or 75 minutes of vigorous activity per week, so why not do it together and spend some quality time together in the process?

More information can be found on the My Fitability Facebook Page: