CVA and Sutton Community Action Sharing Training Programme

The past 18 months have been extremely challenging for us all and we are pleased to bring you a range of free training sessions covering topics such as fundraising, proposal writing, leadership and governance, plus new sessions on showing your impact from Sutton CVS which groups from Croydon can also take part in.

All training will be held on Zoom (unless clearly stated).  
Please click the name of the training session to book a place through Eventbrite. 
Some people have had difficulty in the past accessing the training on the day.  Once you book a place, you will receive a confirmation email from Eventbrite that will include the meeting ID and passcode so please keep hold of this email - see below for help.

  • On the day of the training you will receive an email from Eventbrite telling you the training will be starting soon, this email will have a link to the 'event page' 
  • Click the link to go to the event page and you will see a page similar to the image (with the name of the training session you are going to join).  
  • When the training starts the grey box (circled in blue below) will turn orange and say 'join now' you will need to click this button to access the training. 
  • When you click this it will open up zoom and you will be placed in the waiting room, the trainer will admit you when they see you are there. 


Training Sessions - click on title to book


Tuesday 5th October 2021 
10am – 12pm 

Our Unconscious Bias course is digitally delivered and will help you to create environments that embed diversity, equality and inclusion. 

By taking this course you will practice fairer thinking to maintain inclusive processes and practices. 

Typical learning outcomes 

  • Understand what unconscious bias is 

  • Be aware of the related risks from ‘stereotype threat’ 

  • Examine the different types of unconscious bias 

  • Understand the link between ‘discrimination’ and ‘protected characteristics’ 

  • Be compliant with legislations 

  • Manage unconscious bias in themselves and others  

  • Develop an inclusive approach 


Tuesday 12th October 
10am – 12pm 

This advanced session is for senior managers or people responsible for completing Fundraising and monitoring and evaluation reports. 
High-quality reports often form the basis of sound decision making within an organisation and is known as someone who can express information in a clear, unbiased way can do a lot for your reputation at work.  
Report writing is a skill that can be learned. Our Report writing skills course takes you through every stage from planning and structuring to writing and presenting, and by the end of the day, you will be a much more confident report writer. 

Learning Outcomes:

  • Understand what needs to be in place before you start writing your report 
  • Use the language of impact reporting to tell your story of change 
  • Feel more confident about reporting back on the elements of your work/project that didn’t go so well 


Thursday 14th October 2021 
10am to 12pm 

Designed for Trustees leading Black organisations this course focuses on building the leadership capabilities and network that distinguish successful Trustees   

  • Strengthen the skills required for effective leadership, proven through decades of research. 
  • Develop the skills needed to drive transformational change to succeed in today’s environment. 
  • Learn the skills, behaviours, and mindsets Trustees need to communicate their purpose and aspirations and build the connections needed to achieve them. 


Tuesday 28th October 
10am – 12pm 

  Who should sign up? 

  • Those considering becoming a trustee but want to know more before they do. 
  • New charity trustees who want to understand the fundamentals of being a trustee. 
  • Serving charity trustees who want to update or refresh their knowledge. 
  • Staff in charities who need to know what trustees do, or develop an effective board. 

What will I get out of it? 

  • Explore the benefits and challenges of being a trustee 
  • Develop further skills in your role as a trustee 
  • Work more effectively as a member of the governing board 
  • An opportunity to ask questions and get advice 

What will it cover? 

  • How to be Compliant – Legislative, regulatory, and best practice guidelines 
  • How to be Useful – Bringing your own areas of expertise to the board 
  • How to be Supportive – Walking the line between helping and interfering 
  • How to be Effective – Using the time you have effectively as a trustee 
  • How to be Strategic – Getting the balance right between detail and strategy 
  • How to stay Informed – Information and reports trustees should expect and receive 
  • Trustees in a Crisis – The role of a trustee during a time of crisis. 
  • Trustee surgery – An opportunity to discuss real challenges and issues.