New Equality Strategy and Equality Objectives for Croydon

It is against the law to treat someone differently if they are of a different age, race, gender, faith, sexuality or even have a disability. Equality is not about treating everyone the same; it is about making sure that opportunities are available to all. To do this well we need to take into account of people’s differing needs and capabilities. We need to recognise and value differences through inclusion, regardless of age, disability, gender, race, ethnic origin, religion, belief, sexual orientation, commitments outside of work, part-time or shift work, language, union activity, HIV status, perspectives, opinions and person values.

As a Council, we are committed to providing services and support that recognises the increasing variety of diverse cultures and needs. We have limited resources to do this and so we need your help to make decisions about where we should focus our best efforts. What sort of opportunities should we provide to promote equality, embrace diversity and support students, staff, families, carers, residents and service users to fulfil their potential with dignity and respect.

Please share your views, feedback, or comments before midnight 20th September by:

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You can take part in an online survey on the council’s engagement portal by following this link

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