Five Ways to Wellbeing and Islam

Building on three successful years of supporting those living or working in London, Good Thinking has been working in partnership with Muslim communities in Newham, Newham Council’s Public Health Team, and the Mental Health Lead for North East London CCG (NEL) collaborative group of CCGs, to create the Five Ways to Wellbeing and Islam, as recommended by the NHS.

This expanded resource is to meet the growing demand for mental health support across London and its diverse communities and to provide curated resources that feel more culturally appropriate for faith communities. The five ways to good mental wellbeing and Islam, are based on NHS advice and are also encouraged in Islamic teachings, they are:

  1. Connect with Allah and with people
  2. Be physically active
  3. Learn something new each day
  4. Give to others
  5. Pay attention to the present moment

Endorsed by the Muslim Council for Britain, British Islamic Medical Association and The British Board of Scholars and Imams, the Five Ways to Wellbeing and Islam will be available on Good Thinking in seven languages English, Bengali, Gujarati, Urdu, Somali, Hindi and Arabic as part of the wider toolkit.

For each way to wellbeing, there is also an accompanying video recorded by an influential member of the Muslim community and animations that can be shared on WhatsApp and across various social media platforms.

The toolkit with links to these can be found here

In this video, Councillor Zulfiqar Ali, Cabinet Lead for Health & Adult Social Care at Newham Council introduces the Five ways to good mental wellbeing & Islam, by talking about the importance of finding support. This is one of seven videos produced as part of this toolkit.