Request for Food Supplies

Because of the current national shortage of haulage drivers,  two local Food Stop partners have both been affected and had their long life food supplies seriously reduced in the last two weeks. 

“It means that unless we can give the Food Stops our support, some of our former clients who have moved on to a Food Stop may have to return to using us - and this would be a backward step to them becoming food independent again,” says Louise Willmer, Acting Chair of the Food Hub’s Management Committee.

Both of the Food Stops - one at Old Lodge Lane Baptist Church, Purley, the other at St Francis Church, Selsdon - have asked us for supplies of food to help them over this difficult period, and this is reflected in our July food list (attached).

  •  long life whole milk  l  tins of plain meat - corned beef & chicken
  • l  tins of tuna  l  packets of savoury biscuits  l  tinned tomatoes
  • l  jars of pasta sauce / curry sauce l children’s chocolate treats
  • l  packets of microwave rice  l  tinned rice pudding
  • l  unisex shampoo  l  small washing up liquid

Food donations can be brought to Purley United Reformed Church, 906 Brighton Road, Purley, CR8 2LN, preferably on Monday mornings between 9.00am-12.00noon when there is a full team of sorters on duty, or if Mondays aren’t possible, on Wednesday and Saturday mornings 10.00am-12.00noon. 

A list of the other 20-plus food collection points in South Croydon, Purley and Coulsdon where donations can also be taken is published on our website at, and on Facebook and Twitter.

July 2021