Kidney Proposal Engagement Findings Published

South West London Renal Service have published details of an independent analysis of an engagement activity, put forward by kidney clinicians from St Helier and St George’s hospitals, to improve inpatient care for kidney patients. This is now publicly available here.

The independent analysis report runs to over 120 pages and covers all aspects of the patient and public feedback, including geography and demography of respondents.

Overall, significant levels of engagement were carried out and were successful in reaching a primary audience of kidney patients, who accounted for just over 80% of respondents. Almost three quarters (74%) of all respondents and 79%  of kidney patients supported the proposal. Travel and transport was, as anticipated, the largest single concern raised throughout the engagement.

In terms of next steps, the results of the engagement will be shared with decision-making bodies for scrutiny through October and early November to determine if the proposal is to be taken forward to the next stage - which would be a full decision-making business case.

S.W. London NHS October 2021