To mark Volunteers Week, Heaslthwatch Croydon are releasing their project led by Croydon College T-level students, all of whom where 16 to 18 years old.


  • ·       60% said their mental health had been affected by the impact of COVID-19.
  • ·       There is a gap, due to access or availability, between level of need and mental health support services.


Croydon residents have shared their experiences of the mental health impact of Covid-19, due to the work of young volunteers from Croydon College, which is published by Healthwatch Croydon today.

This report is the result of a project between Healthwatch Croydon and three T-level (Technical-level) students from Croydon College. They considered issues concerning health and social care services in spring 2020 and selected a theme to explore. They then devised the methodology, piloted, and ran the survey, collected the results, and prepared an analysis of their findings before completing their time with us in August 2020. The Healthwatch Croydon team led by the Volunteer Lead supported them in work and have completed their work with the report shown here.

You can view some of the video experiences of the students here:

The Impact of Covid-19 on the mental health of Croydon residents, presents the following findings and recommendations from 115 residents via an online survey. These have been shared with local NHS commissioners and help make the case for service improvement.

Read findings and recommendations in the full press release.