Message from Rachel Flowers, Director of Public Health (Croydon)

Dear Colleagues,

Following an announcement by the Department of Health and Social Care on 22 February 2021, we are asking residents who live in the New Addington and Fieldway area to get a Covid-19 test, whether they are experiencing symptoms or not.

Why is this Happening?

Public Health England has confirmed a case of the Covid-19 variant, first identified in South Africa, in the area. We are working closely with NHS London and the Department of Health and Social Care to make sure we can detect if there are more cases of this variant in the local area, as part of a national testing programme.

This type of testing has been carried out in locations right across the country, including some of our neighbouring boroughs. Please be assured that this is being treated as an isolated case, not an outbreak.

We Need Your Support

I know that many of you are Croydon residents, and all of us work with or alongside local residents, so I’ve set out all of the key information for you below: 

  • Please help us share this important information with other residents in the area.
  • If you live in New Addington or Fieldway please take action and arrange to get tested as soon as possible (details below).

Our Key Messages

  • Every person living in New Addington or Fieldway over the age of 16 is strongly encouraged to take a PCR Covid-19 test this week, even if they are not showing symptoms. This includes people who have been vaccinated for Covid-19.
  • People are still able to make essential journeys (as per government guidelines), should go to work as usual if they are unable to work from home and should continue to attend medical appointments.

How will People be Tested?

People who do not have symptoms, will be asked to get a test in one of the following ways.

Mobile Testing Units

From tomorrow, Mobile Testing Units (MTUs) will be located in car parks at Timebridge Centre, Fieldway, CR0 9AZ and Queen Elizabeth Drive, New Addington, CR0 0HF.

The MTUs will be open 8:30am-3pm, seven days a week. Appointments must be booked in advance through the council website – you cannot use the national booking system for these tests. Appointments must be booked in advance here 

Home Testing

Collection - Home test kits will also be made available from Tuesday 23 February.

You can pick up and drop off a home testing kit from the Timebridge Centre, Fieldway, CR0 9AZ or New Addington Library, Central Parade, CR0 0JD, 11am-3pm, Monday–Saturday.

Residents will need to wear a face covering and bring their smart phone (if they have one) to register their test and proof of address. Tests can be collected and dropped off at either site.


We will also be going door to door delivering home testing kits to some households in the area. 
The team will: 

  • be fully wearing the appropriate PPE and Croydon Council high visibility vests
  • maintain a safe distance
  • assist resident as much as possible to register the test
  • all involved will have ID stating they are working on behalf of Croydon Council

Please note: our teams will never, ask for personal details, request payment for any services or require access to properties.

What about People with Symptoms?

Anyone with coronavirus symptoms should continue to book a test in the usual way at, by calling 119 or via the NHS Covid-19 app.

What Happens when Someone Tests Positive?

They must self-isolate immediately and pass on details of anyone they have been in contact with to NHS Test and Trace when requested.

Positive tests will be sequenced, to identify if there are any more cases of this particular strand of the virus in the area. If more cases of the variant are found we can take action to suppress it.

Please note: New Addington/Fieldway residents who have had a positive Covid-19 test in the last two weeks do not need to get tested again now. 

How long will this Extra Testing go on For?

Additional testing will be carried out for two weeks and we are asking people to have one test during this time. 

Is this variant More Dangerous?

There is currently no evidence to suggest this variant is more serious than others, or that the existing approved regulated Covid-19 vaccines would not protect against it.

Please be assured that this exercise will help us detect any extra cases and help us crack down on this variant if it exists in larger numbers.

Please remember, the best way for all of us to stop the spread of all types of Covid-19 – is to stay at home as much as possible. If you do need to leave your home for essential reasons, remember hands, face, space…keep your distance, wash your hands and cover your nose and mouth.

Need More Information? 

As more details are confirmed we will be updating the information on the council website.

Thank you all for your support.

Many thanks

Rachel Flowers
Director of Public Health