New! Redthread Service Coming to Croydon

The above new service is coming to Croydon University's Hospital in September.

Redthread, the youth violence intervention programme, runs in hospital emergency departments in partnership with the major trauma network. The innovative service aims to reduce serious youth violence, and has revolutionised the support available to young victims of violence.

Every year thousands of young people aged 11 – 24 come through hospital doors as victims of assault and exploitation. It is then, at this time of crisis, that Red Thread youth workers utilise their unique position embedded in the emergency departments alongside clinical staff to engage these young victims.

Red Thread say that this moment of vulnerability, when young people are out of their comfort zone, alienated from their peers, and often coming to terms with the effects of injury, is a time of change – they call it the ‘Teachable Moment’. In this moment many are more able than ever to question what behaviour and choices have led them to this hospital bed and, with specialist youth worker support, pursue change they haven’t felt able to before.

Red Thread focus on this moment and encourage and support young people in making healthy choices and positive plans to disrupt the cruel cycle of violence that can too easily lead to re-attendance, re-injury, and devastated communities.

source croydon safeguarding childrens board 13.09.20