Coronavirus Restrictions from 8 March 2021

8 March 12 April 17 May 21 June
STEP ONE A Non Essential Retail, personal care premises, hairdressers, gyms, zoos, and theme parks can reopen Rule of Six will be dropped outdoors All legal limts on social contact to go
Schools Reopen Pubs and Restaurants can open outdoors.  No need for substantial meals, no curfews Two households can meet indoors Remaining Hospitality Reopens
One plus One Social Meetings Outdoors Wider Social Distancing Rules continue Hotels, Cinemas, Soft Play area open Restrictions on larger events lifted
One Visitor to Care Home Residents One household can stay at a cottage, holiday let 1,000 People or Half Full permitted at indoor Sports Venues..Outdoors Venues 4,000 or Half Full, 10,000 allowed at Wembley Restrictions for weddings may still be in effect
Stay at home stays in place   International Travel possible  
STEP ONE B   Review of Social Distancing  
Rule of Six    Review of Certificates for Jabs, tests  
Outdoor Sports      
Work from home where possible      
Still no Overseas Travel