Discounted Saddler's Wells Tickets

Breakin’ Convention Presents brings you breaking world champions 'The Ruggeds'.

You have family and you have friends. But what if your friends are your family? The Ruggeds have become their own kind of family, not held together by DNA, but by trust and shared experiences.

In Between Us is the second theatre production of The Ruggeds. Their unique dynamism has seen them collaborate with the likes of Rita Ora, Justin Bieber,

Afrojack and Martin Garrix, and won them world-wide recognition at numerous international battles and championships.

They unravel the ties that bind them together, between each other, and between the audience.

With a mix of music, acrobatics, physical theatre, humour, and dance, you'll be submerged in their world of imagination. 

To book you can call the Box Office on 020 7863 8000 or online and use the promo code HOLLAND.

Please note that there is a £3 transaction fee for phone or online bookings.