New Online Course: Supporting Children with Social & Communication Difficulties

The National Autistic Society are offering the above online 8 week course for parents/carers with children experiencing social and communication difficulties, start date January 2021.

There will be two groups on Wednesdays- 9:30- 11:30 and 12:30-14:30, one group on Mondays and one on another day to be confirmed.

They have been delivering the course online since May and it has been very effective. They have had great feedback from the parents who have attended, who have said they have found it really helpful and beneficial and a great source of support in these, potentially even more isolating times.

Download a leaflet here.

Referrals can be acceped from any source, for parents whose pre school children have been identified as having social communication difficulties.

When referring a family, please ensure you include:

Parents’ name/s and address, phone number and email address

Child/ren’s name/s and date/s of birth

And send to Shanay Boxill-Dixon and Alex Dimond at