Children and Young People with SEND Survey

Sent on behalf of Croydon Council.....

2020 was a difficult and worrying year for us all because of COVID-19 lockdown restrictions aimed at keeping us protected from the virus.  We are still facing challenges into the start of 2021 during another lockdown with school and leisure activities being limited. Croydon Council’s children, families and education team wants to make sure that we are doing as much as we can to support children and young people during this time so that everyone feels safe, calm and happy. To help us with this we are asking our children and young people some questions about how they are feeling and what they think their community can do to help.

This is a chance for our children and young people to talk about how they are feeling, share some ideas of what has helped them and to give their ideas for how our community can help further. 

The survey is going to help us and our local partners work together to ensure everything goes well for their return to school and to enjoy the things they like doing within their community, so please be honest and tell us what you really think.

We are reaching out to all parents/carers and professionals working with children and young people during this time, to facilitate/ encourage participation so that we can hear their voice.

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