There are two ways you can do this:  

  1. Fill out their survey -  Give your views on ambition areas. They want to hear about your ideas, suggestions, and experiences - all of which will help shape the new strategy. To complete the survey, please click here.   Survey closing date is 25 June 2021.
  2. Register for one of the online engagement events - During June 2021, online engagement events will be offered in each of their four Boroughs - Croydon, Lambeth, Lewisham and Southwark to hear more about people’s thoughts about SLaM's new draft strategy and to gain feedback about future plans. To register, please click here.  (The Croydon event is on 25 June, 12.30pm - 2.30pm).

If you have any questions about the survey or the events, please contact


The Draft Strategy so far:

'Building on the foundations of our existing strategy, Changing Lives, we are working with our staff, local partners and communities, as well as service users, carers and friends and family groups to help develop five ambition areas where we would like to make a large impact over the next five years.  

 The five draft ambitions are:  

  1. Best place for outstanding mental health care: we want children and young people, adults and older adults to have the best standard of care and treatment and be treated with kindness, compassion, dignity and respect.   
  2. Partner in prevention: working with our partners to drive pioneering research into the prevention of mental illness, promote early intervention and early access for those in our communities at higher risk of mental illness, and support those living with mental health conditions to stay well. 
  3. Catalyst for change: we will be a prominent voice in the national and global conversation about mental health, working to combat stigma 
  4. Building a culture of trust: we want our organisation to be viewed as transparent, responsive, decent and equitable. We will support all our staff to give their best and contribute fully to the achievement of our ambitions.  
  5. An effective and sustainable organisation: we will transform our capability and capacity to make sustainable improvement, develop new income streams to reinvest in our local services, and maximise the value – financially, environmentally and societally – of our resources