Small Grants for Groups Working with Vulnerable People

To assist the winter pressures faced by Health and Social Care, Croydon will be developing a number of distinct initiatives to help relieve the pressure on the local system. One such initiative is the winter pressure check calls for Croydon’s most vulnerable. This programme will look to fund VCSE providers, to complete a series of telephone calls to elderly and frail service users, who are either known to the organisation and/or  currently on the organisations caseloads.

It is hoped that these calls will help ensure that service users are managing over the harsh winter months as well as seek assurance that our residents are able to manage for the remainder of winter. These calls, which will have an agreed script, are to be completed over the period from January 17th to the 31st of March 2022, with the most at risk being called first. Each organisation will report back weekly on all the calls completed along with the outcomes and actions taken. This work will be closely monitored and supported by Croydon Councils front door, who will provide an escalation process to all organisations so that if they become concerned that a service user is reaching crisis.

This programme will be open to all VCSE providers who have sufficient safeguards in place to ensure our residents are protected as well as any local VCSE provider who has residents known to them that meet the following criteria:  

  • Service users who are not currently in receipt of a package of care or who currently stay within a care home, extra care facility or residential/ nursing home;
  • All service users who are 80 years old and over; and
  • All service users who have the means to be called and or would not have any clear objection for having a check call.

To avoid the potential situation of service users receiving multiple calls from different providers, providers are asked to supply the council with a completed list of all service users initials who they have determined would benefit from a call. The council will then undertake an exercise of checking each submitted list and removing duplicates before returning the list.

All VCSE providers who meet the above stated eligibility criteria will automatically join the programme and as such will be eligible for a share of the £50K funding.  Providers will be compensated for their time through the small grants process. To avoid any potential disproportionality in funding and work each organisations portion of the £50K will be based on the total number of calls that any one organisation will complete against the collective total number of calls.

As stated above the proposed start of the programme is likely to be 17th January  2022 with all check calls being completed no later than 31st of March 2022.

If your organisation is able to support Winter Pressure Check Calls programme, please email your completed expression of interest form to with the subject line “Winter pressure checks programme”. The deadline for responding to this advertisement is 7th of January 2022

If you have questions, please  contact the project team on the