The European Mile

The aim of the European Mile is to encourage participants to jog, walk or even roll a mile (1.6 kilometers) to celebrate the joy of moving and being active after the COVID-19 Pandemic. Being active and outside has amazing benefits for both physical health and mental wellbeing. How individuals complete the mile is up to them and creativity is welcomed! 

Street Games are joining the International Sport and Culture Association (ISCA) in supporting and promoting European Mile events, here in the UK across Summer 2021. They are hoping people will join in designing and planning events throughout the summer to encourage your local communities to get involved and donate their miles. Each mile recorded means that the overall campaign will raise some pledged funding. Any activity counts, and all goes towards the €10,000 donation to the Daily Mile Foundation which works to get school kids to run 15 minutes (a mile) every school day.  

Participants can share their activity and miles on social media using the hashtag #FindYourMile. 

If you are interested in holding an event, please register on the European Mile website here. Keep your eyes peeled for more information regarding the campaign and hosting events on the StreetGames website.