Top Tips Covid-19 Vaccine

The background for this resource was the survey of a health and care staff across South West London to find out more about attitudes and perceptions around Covid-19 vaccination. The survey found that around 1 in 3 staff did not feel confident talking about the vaccine to patients. It is known that for people to make informed choices about the Covid-19 vaccine, they want to hear from trusted health and care professionals, and NHS S W London have worked with engagement leads as well as Dr Nnenna Osuji, Arlene Wellman and Liz Bruce to develop these Top Tips – to support staff to have these important and sometimes difficult conversations. 

NHS S W London are signposting local people and staff to website as the ‘single source of truth’ for information about the vaccine: it is regularly updated with a page for each borough,  with the top 5 questions of the week, stakeholder weekly updates,  films and latest progress.

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