#Pavetheway Campaign

TfA are currently collating research for the above campaign, and  would love to hear stories and examples from disabled people in Croydon about how changes that emerged as a result of the Croydon's Streetspace Improvement Programme (CSIP) -  affect their daily experiences. 

Transport for All (TfA) are concerned about the pace of change of our streetscapes and the impact on disabled people. By ‘streetscapes’ they mean all the shared space that you walk, wheel, push, drive or cycle in - spaces that are seeing huge changes that impact accessibility including: widened pavements, low traffic zones, street clutter, and the introduction of e-scooters.

TfA fully supports the fight for climate justice and understand the importance of introducing environmental initiatives that promote Active Travel, particularly in light of the recent COVID-19 pandemic. However, they maintain that environmental initiatives must not negatively impact disabled people.  

At a time where many disabled people are shielding or otherwise not physically outside and accessing streetspaces, there’s a real fear that disabled voices are not present in decision making.  As the ‘new normal’ is being shaped TfA are asking that those designing our rapidly changing streetscapes commit to making these shared spaces a world-class example of equity, community and harmony, for everyone.


Have you been impacted by inaccessible street design?

TfA are building up evidence, stories and data, collecting testimony from disabled people. From Low Traffic Neighbourhoods to street clutter, dockless bikes to uneven pavements, they want to hear your examples.

They would love you to get in touch and tell them about a specific example in your neighbourhood e.g. 

  • perhaps a local road closure has meant you need to take a detour to work...
  • perhaps uneven pavements or street clutter has made going to the local shops more difficult for you... 

They would like as much detail as possible, and attach pictures if you have them. 



Email: katie@transportforall.org.uk

Phone: 020 7737 2339

Twitter: @TransportForAll (use the hashtag #PaveTheWay)


About TfA

Transport for All (TfA) is a pan-impairment organisation, guided by the passionate belief that all disabled and older people have the right to travel with freedom and independence. Our specialised services are unique; we are the only disability group in the UK to exclusively focus on transport.