eBay to Launch Training Programme for Online Charity Retail

eBay UK is urging charities to embrace online retail as a way to help raise funds in the face of the challenges posed by Covid-19 and is offering free training to help them boost their online sales via its new Charity Connect training programme, alongside giving grants to charities affected by Covid-19.

Charity Connect aims to help charity retailers to build an effective online presence through dedicated customer service, onboarding assistance, promotional support and a tailored eBay training programme.  Free weekly webinars will take place in July to charities who are new to eBay and also to charities alrady on eBay.  There will also be follow up one-to-one sessions with e-commerce experts.  Click here for details.

Government Innovation Fund

A coalition is also calling for government innovation fund to help charities develop a digital-first approach.

Barnardo’s, eBay UK, the Charity Retail Association and NPC are calling for a government innovation fund to help charities embrace online retail and to support new models of digital innovation and service delivery in the sector.

This government fund would mean charities can develop solutions without diverting vital cash from essential frontline services.

In the UK, eBay powers over 800 charity retailers. It has helped charities to raise £160m since its inception, with over £27m raised last year.

source civil society June 2020