The Covid-19 pandemic has caused health complications across the UK, particularly within the Black and Asian Minority Ethnicities (BAME) society.

Due to existing medical conditions observed in this population group the associated risk for Covid-19 is higher with more severe complications. The response to the pandemic is affected by various key factors, additionally self-isolation and social distancing are likely to have a psychological impact with long lasting consequences.

This project will explore health and wellbeing in BAME and faith groups during the COVID-19 pandemic over a 12-month period. The assessments will include online/telephone questionnaire surveys at baseline, 1 month, 3 months, 6 months and 12 months. With the current lack of knowledge, this study is likely to have a positive impact on the delivery of care and quality of life. The study will collect information on psychological impacts, support provided and coping strategies within these cohorts, with an immediate impact for the current cohort and important relevance for similar future situations. The project will also provide validated supportive information on how to cope better during this pandemic.  Read more

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