The Volunteer Centre Croydon are working with London Sport on an exciting project to research volunteering in London and want to make sure the experience of our network (and your wider contacts) are engaged in this. 

*(A note on terminology - in the italicized text below 'workforce' means anyone involved at all (either as part of their paid work, volunteering, or helping out in any other way) in the delivery of, or supporting people into, sport or physical activity).

London has a vision to become the most physically active sporting city in the world and a target to get 1,000,000 Londoners more active by 2020. Creating a Bigger and Better workforce is key to achieving both.

In February London Sport launched a research project to understand how London’s *workforce can best engage and support less active Londoners to become active and stay that way. This research will underpin a London wide workforce plan directly aimed at supporting London’s bold physical activity and sport ambitions.

Through this research, it is vital that we hear the views of the existing workforce - the people working directly with Londoners on an day-today basis, supporting them to lead active lifestyles.

You can help to ensure we have an accurate understanding of London’s workforce needs by sharing this survey link with your teams, colleagues and networks so we reach as many people on the frontline as possible, and completing yourself if that includes you.

For more information about the survey please email contact