The principles offer a practical steer on developing the 'new relationship with people and communities' set out in the Five Year Forward View. Embedding people and communities engagement is a 'must do' and the six principles aim to help build knowledge, confidence and motivation to develop person centred, community-focussed approaches to health and care.

The six principles documents demonstrate why the principles are important, provide a guide to putting them into practice, offer case examples of the principles in action, and suggest indicators and measures of success.

The health and care system is awash with numbers. We have the Five-Year Forward View, 44 Sustainability and Transformation Plan footprints, the three gaps, and of course the £22 billion to be made in efficiency and productivity gains. These principles will help with all of the above.

The principles will be useful for anyone engaged in transforming health and care - including Sustainability and Transformation Plan leads, local authorities, CCGs, NHS Trusts, GP surgeries, frontline staff, and the voluntary and community sector.  Download here