Could your heritage organisation raise at least £250,000 in private donations?

Heritage Endowments grants of £250,000, £500,000 or £1million are available to organisations in the UK who the Heritage Lottery Fund is currently funding or has funded in the past. This is a match funding scheme so the Heritage Lottery grant will match every pound raised by grant recipients.

Successful applicants will be expected to:

  • Achieve or exceed the agreed targets for match funding from private donors;
  • Increase the number of donors to their organisation and the amount that existing donors give;
  • Invest the capital to generate income to fund the applicant organisation’s whole work, or an element of it, as defined in the application;
  • Make and present plans for the endowment after the end of the programme, showing how the endowment will be developed to attract further funding, and managed to ensure a long-term impact on the heritage organisation.


Register online and submit a project enquiry form by 13 October 2016.

Staff in your local Heritage Lottery Fund office will let you know whether your project fits this initiative and whether you should continue with your application.

Advice from the funder:
"Complete all sections of the project enquiry form. For question 5a, tell us if you plan to include any costs associated with supporting the fundraising campaign, and what you think these will be. We recommend that you read Parts one and two of the Heritage Endowments application guidance before sending us your project enquiry."

Download Guidance

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