All charities could generate an income from the National Lottery, according to a new campaign, if they were allowed to sell Lottery tickets.

A campaign by the The Lottery Charity Partnership aims to persuade Camelot plc to allow national and local charities to sell National Lottery tickets via their websites. This would give them a chance to earn a share of the £333 million that newsagents, supermarkets and other retailers generate each year through selling tickets. Charities could then earn 10p sales commission for every Lottery ticket sold via their website.

How would so many charities, many of them small, implement such a service? The National Lottery Partnership say that they can provide a plugin that will achieve this.

The sums involved are certainly considerable. Since 1994 the National Lottery has paid out £5 billion in sales commissions, none of which have been earned by charities.

To achieve this, however, the National Lottery Partnership needs to convince Camelot that there is demand. They are running an online petition on to try to achieve this, and they are seeking further support.

source ukfundraising