Healthwatch Croydon is the consumer champion for health and social care locally. They help people get the best out of their local health and social care services; whether it’s improving them today or helping to shape them for tomorrow. Healthwatch is all about local voices being able to influence the delivery and design of local services; not just the people who use them, but anyone who might need to in the future.  They are part of the Healthwatch Network, made up of 152 local Healthwatch organisations across England and supported by a national body, Healthwatch England. 

What does Healthwatch Croydon Do?

They listen.

They gather the views and experiences of local people on the way health and social care services are delivered and conduct research on topics identified by you. If you have any views on local services, good or bad, they are here to listen. 

They act.

Thee collate the information you give  individually to form a wider picture of local services and use this evidence to influence the way services are designed and delivered, working closely with providers, planners and regulators to ensure your voice is heard.  They also have an Enter and View programme, staffed by volunteers, observing how services are being delivered.

They help.

They provide people with information and advice about any health or social care related topic, such as how to access a service, or how to make a complaint. 

They include you.

Local residents are at the centre of Healthwatch. Volunteers help in all aspects of  work, they have various volunteering opportunities, you could be office based or out in the community, learning new skills and gaining valuable experience. 

Getting in touch.

You can contact the office about volunteering, or to give your views and experiences of local health and social care services, or to get advice and information. 

Call 020 8663 5648 or email 

There is also much more information about Healthwatch Croydon on the website.