Local entrepreneur, Maisie Barratt, 1 Covernack Close, Shirley, Croydon, has started two businesses:

  1. Blessmalachi - a non-profitable business, set up to work with other organisations to help homeless people on the streets.
  2. Wedding and Event planning


Fundraising events are planned to launch Blessmalachi on 6th and 27th August 2016 and organisations can book a stall at either at an affordable price.  Some of the people attending the event(s):  Lavine D. Osbourne, Money Mindfulness Coach Director Butterfly Wealth Creation; Robin Walker, Author of 'Why he ruled the Ancient & Mediaevel History of Black Civilisation; Arthur Torrington CBE who will give a presentation telling uplifting stories of how Africans in the Caribbean won their freedom in the 1830s.  Download a leaflet below for full details, entry to the event(s) is free.


If you would like details of the wedding and event planning business please click on the link below.

Wedding Event Planning