Reach Dem UK Engaging the Community Events

Life and Social Skills
17th July; 7th August; 21st August; 11th September 2017
Learn skills to help overcome social exclusion which leads to depression and isolation. Life skills will enable you to lead a satisfying life and enable you to make valuable contributions to your local community.

Parenting Discussions
3rd July; 14th August; 18th September 2017
Parenting with confidence, games, group discussions.

Bridging the Generation Gap
8th October 2017
Learn from each other - quizzes, games, drama, dancing, competitions.

Healthy Eating
10th July, 24th July, 4th September, 2nd October 2017
We are what we eat.  Looking at what we eat and what we can do on a low income to change our eating habits and create a healthier lifestyle