Legal Updates No.1516 Working Time, Leave, Time Off: 6 October 2015.

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Working time rights and travel between home and first client/customer of the day
New ECJ ruling on travel time between home and clients/customers for workers with no fixed or habitual place of work.

Working Time Directive (Limitation) Bill
A private member’s bill which, if it proceeds through parliament and is passed, could have a huge effect on working time rights (statutory annual leave, daily and weekly rest breaks, night work, maximum weekly hours).

European Commission consultation on working time directive
A consultation on the review they are planning to undertake.

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Unused flexitime (or time off in lieu) on termination of employment
What happens when a worker is made redundant having accrued 1,042 hours of TOIL? (He was contracted to work 45 hours per week, so that’s equivalent to more than 23 work weeks!)

Shared parental leave and pay for grandparents
Hot off the internet! The government announced yesterday (5 October) that from 2018, shared parental leave and pay will be able to be shared with working grandparents.

Managing bereavement in the workplace
Acas guidance on managing bereaved workers, bereavement leave and dealing with death of a colleague.

Military reservists
New financial rights for employers of mobilised military reservists.