HLF Living Wandle Landscape Partnership Scheme (LWLPS).  They are interested in hearing about projects that:

Benefit the work of the wider Wandle network that safeguard aspects of the Wandle's heritage  e.g. friends groups, conservation volunteers, archives museums; and/or Complement Existing Project Delivery E.g. build on existing Living Wandle projects and partner’s work; and/or Are completely new to the Living Wandle programme; and/or Help legacy of the LWLPS/contribute to Partnership working. 

New projects will deliver benefits within the Living Wandle scheme area before December 2017.

At this stage they are interested to know what ideas partners have for new projects. A shortlist of these will be produced by the Living Wandle Steering Group In February 2016, and decisions on which of these will receive funding will be made by the Living Wandle Board in July 2016.

If you have a project idea, please complete the Expression of Interest form (click) and return it to LivingWandle@wandsworth.gov.uk by 15 January 2016.

To discuss your idea, please contact Rebecca Watts (LWLPS manager): either by calling , 07500 073073 or email rwatts@wandsworth.gov.uk.