Side by Side is a completely new approach to volunteering. From joining a local club, going to football matches or just heading out for a stroll together in the park, the app pairs up people with dementia and volunteers with shared interests. A third of people with dementia lose friends after their diagnosis, and nearly two thirds who live on their own feel lonely.  The Society knows that one of the most important things for those affected is to remain part of their community and continue to do the things they love. By taking part in activities with the support of a volunteer with similar interests, they can continue with their hobbies – or even find new ones.

Side by Side has got off to a promising start. There are almost 2,000 people with dementia waiting to be paired up and they are urgently calling for more volunteers.

What makes this volunteer programme different is the flexibility. Side by Side is designed so that almost anyone can volunteer. It is flexible, so meeting up can be easily arranged around work and family, and a telephone service is also available for those with more limited time. 

The nearest location this programme is running to Croydon is Lambeth the contact number for Lambeth is 020 7735 5850.

Click on the link below for more information or to find out how to start a Side by Side in Croydon.

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