This fund will support inactive people who have little income and are therefore economically disadvantaged. Applications will be accepted from a wide range of community organisations including non sport organisations.

There are two funds:

  • Pot One – A £2 million fund which will support larger projects with funding of up to £500,000. This funding will be given to projects which target those who have little disposable income. Beneficiaries will likely live very ordered lives but find it hard to find time for physical activity or feel that being active is just not for them.
  • Pot Two – A £1 million fund for projects seeking funding of between £10,000 and £100,000. This funding will focus on those who are far less likely to have a steady income, or any income at all, living more chaotic lives with additional challenges. For example, they may have an offending background, be dealing with alcohol or drug misuse, or facing mental health issues.

Using sport/physically activity is powerful in supporting positive social change for example in improving mental wellbeing, helping to drive down crime rates, reducing social isolation.

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