Children nowadays are very much 'tech savvy' - however parents are advised not to let them take care of their online security. They may be experts at the technoogy but they are not experts at evaluating risk.

Maria Korolov has written a useful guide for parents.  She has spent 20 years covering business and technology.  She has written for the Chicago Tribune, reported from the front lines in Afghanistan, and ran a business news bureau in China. Today, she specializes in emerging technology, including cybersecurity and virtual reality.

Ten things you can do right away to protect your children

  1. MakeYouTube safe for your kids
  2. Help your kids set the privacy controls on their social media accounts
  3. Install anti-virus on your computers and mobile devices
  4. Set up separate accounts for your kids on your computers
  5. Set up separate accounts for your kids on your mobile devices
  6. Secure your gaming systems
  7. Consider using kid-safe browsers and search engines
  8. Lock in apps for youngest children
  9. Consider using an app that limits the time your child spends online
  10. Make sure your kids are only using safe chat room

Teach, Educate and Talk with Your Children

  • Teach your children not to respond to messages from strangers
  • Educate your children about the risks of 'sexting'
  • Warn your kids about file sharing
  • Warn your kids about online polls and surveys
  • Warn your kids about getting too close to strangers
  • Help your children deal with cyberbullying
  • Set a good example
  • Set rules about what your kids can share online
  • Add your kids as “Friend”
  • Set limits on how much time your children can spend online

For fuller details of the above and also for additional resources click here.