Croydon is home to a thriving community of reading, writing, publishing groups, companies and individuals therefore it makes sense that it should have it's own literary festival to celebrate past, current, and future work going on in the borough.  It would also put Croydon on the map as a hive of writing talents and events.

There are quite a lot of potential themes:

  • New Media and Self Publishing i.e- blogging, social media
  • Historical Croydon and South London Literature e.g. D H Lawrence, Cicely Baker, Sir Arthur Conan Doyle, Malcolm Muggeridge, Raymond Chandler
  • Contemporary Croydon and South London Literature i.e. Croydon has many living  authors in and around the Borough e.g. Allan Ahlberg, Chris Heath, Habib Nader

Volunteers Needed to make it happen!!!!  

Some examples below:

  • Project Manager: This person is the organiser who can keep everything on track and can plan milestones and deadlines so the whole endeavour doesn’t collapse or run out of steam
  • The Marketer: This person knows how to market an event by ringing up newspapers, writing about it everywhere, building an email list and being active on social media
  • The Seller: This person will have a commercial/sales background. Even if no money or sponsorships are involved in delivering Croydon Literary Festival, they will have the skills to ‘sell’ the idea or ‘convince’ others to help
  • The well-networked Croydonian: This person knows everything and everyone in Croydon – if a need or problem arises, they will know the Croydon person or establishment that can solve it, and pro-actively contact them
  • The well-networked Literary Enthusiast: This person may have had a career in media, know lots of authors, or be connected to various reading/book groups in the South London area, and pro-actively contact them

As mentioned earlier the above is just a guide to the kind of talent needed most important is committed enthusiastic and reliable people who can commit to giving at least 3 hours over a fortnight of their time.  

Interested?  Email