960 learning opportunities offered free for Local Charities Day which aims to raise awareness and help local charities get the support they deserve.

In the run up to the day, which takes place on 16th December the Local Charities Training Programme will see the FSI deliver over 560 face to face training places in key fundraising topics in eight cities across the UK. The FSI sessions will be an hour long, and are offered in London on 6th, 7th, and 8th December.  Click here

Additionally, on Local Charities Day itself 20 webinars with 400 places will be made available, along with a Twitter Q&A and toolkits and resources on a wide range of subjects. 
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Minister for Civil Society, Rob Wilson, said:

“On Local Charities Day, I want us all to shout from the rooftops about small, local charities: their energy, commitment, expertise and the benefits they bring to their communities. Local Charities Day and campaigns like Grow Your Tenner give us a chance to ensure that these responsive, locally engaged and committed organisations get the recognition they deserve, helping us build a Britain that works for everyone.”

source ukfundraising 15.11.16