An invite to the Croydon Opportunities and Fairness Commission launch of their final report which takes place on Thursday 28 January 2016, at 6.30pm.  Venue will be announced soon.

The launch marks the culmination of the Commission’s work and comes at a time of significant change for our borough. Changes in government funding mean that local government will have to make difficult decisions about how it can serve the people of the borough with far less resources, at the same time as life becomes more and more challenging for those dependent on benefits. On the other hand, the re-development of central Croydon and new developments across the borough present a huge opportunity for new and better jobs and security. The choice is before us as to how we work together so that these changes lead to a better borough for all its residents, workers and businesses.

The Commission will set out its findings and ideas about what can be done to improve the borough. These have developed out of engagement with individuals and organisations over the past year, and have been further refined over the last few months since the release of our interim report.  Individuals and organisations will then be asked to come forward and make commitments to help make these ideas a reality. 

There will be refreshments and an opportunity to meet new people. The Young Commission, who have engaged with young people across the borough to hear their views, will give a presentation about their work. 

Copies of the final report will also be available.