The Motor Neurone Disease Association and Northampton University have developed an online module for care workers as a broad introduction to Motor Neurone Disease (MND).
The module is broken up into different units covering the various different symptom areas of MND. There are six units in total, the first being a general introduction to MND and the remaining five covering:
  • Eating and swallowing
  • Breathing
  • Moving
  • Thinking
  • Communicating.
Designed with the time restraints of care workers in mind, each unit of the module takes only around 15 minutes to complete. There is a short quiz at the end of unit to go over the unit’s contents. Those who complete the module will receive a certificate of completion.
The MND Association also produces a number of other resources for carers and healthcare professionals, including a guide on how to support people affected by MND with end of life concerns. These can be downloaded from the charity’s website.