Inspiring Donors
A  fundraiser at the NSPCC had case studies that were shared with donors about the work the organisation did and the difference their donation could make to children that had suffered abuse. The cases were highly emotive, yet he/she was frustrated that they weren't getting good enough results. One of the manager's gave some excellent advice: to find stories that he/she could tell in their own words, because only then could she/she connect with them and inspire others.
"I wanted to work at the NSPCC because I had previously been a volunteer Childline counsellor. I started to tell stories about how on every shift you spent time on the switchboard. I shared how the calls just stacked up. We couldn’t answer them all. After sharing my experiences, when I asked donors if they would like the opportunity to donate to help us answer every call, many, many more said yes."
Corporate Partners
You may have to encourage corporate partners to work with you. Inspiring them is about offering a win-win partnership. It is an opportunity for both parties to drive a positive and important change that you both care about – that also has the potential to increase both parties income. An example of this is the partnership that university UCL has developed with major food retailers. Together, Iceland, Morrisons, Asda and Waitrose have agreed to donate the new 5p bag levy to fund the £100m shortfall in income for the world-class dementia research centre at UCL. The retailers have positioned themselves as partners working together to drive change about a cause that is increasingly important to their customers, which will impact their brand perception and their bottom line. 
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source Lucy Gower, author of The Innovation Workout and a coach and consultant specialising in developing creative, collaborative, high performing teams. She tweets @lucyinnovation