Trainsplit, the train travel booking service that helps passengers save money by using split-ticketing, is inviting charities to receive a share of ticket sales made on their site by supporters.

Split-ticketing has been used by savvy rail travellers for some time, but Trainsplit makes the process easier with just one transaction. The site lets travellers save money by spitting their journey into separate legs.Trainsplit’s average order value is around £50 so a participating charity would receive just over 50p on this level of transaction. The value of the scheme therefore lies in volume and persuading enough charity supporters to use it.

Charities can consider boosting their income by charging a small booking fee, and their supporters would still be saving money.

Trainsplit will be offering charities a dedicated white-label version so that supporters can simply visit and bookmark that page in order to benefit their chosen charity.

Charities taking part in the scheme will receive a cashback payment each month based on the total value of any tickets purchased by the organisation, its supporters and/or their contacts.
source ukfundraising