Trussell Trust will not have Jobcentre staff in Foodbanks

The Trussell Trust has written to Third Force News to clarify its position following news stories that revealed the Department for Work and Pensions would like to place benefits staff in foodbanks. The Trust which runs over 420 foodbanks said it is not actively considering placing dwp staff in its foodbanks. 

Molly Hodson, Trussell Trust, says “one idea discussed privately with some foodbanks and a small number of backbench MPs (but not yet discussed with DWP) was to give foodbank clients opt in access to specific welfare advisers tasked with troubleshooting benefit related admin errors, delays or payments that had lead people to need foodbanks. The idea (which has not even been piloted) would be to right the wrongs of the current system which can leave people without an income for weeks or even months, and this person might be available on the phone rather than in a foodbank. This is very different to a job adviser.”

The Trust states that 44% of referrals are a direct reslt of benefit related issues.

source thirdforce news 06.11.15